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Ask away!

How do I completely delete a trip ?

A: You can delete a trip directly from your main trips page by swiping left on the picture.

How do I edit general trip information ?

A: Each trip has a trip settings function within the drop down menu. On this screen you can edit name of trip, dates, picture and travelers.

Can I rearrange the position of travelers in relation to myself ?

A: On your Calendar page drag and drop profile picture to desired location.

Is it possible to compare side by side specific itineraries for all travelers ?

A: Yes. You can either tap the green ALL button or go to the compare function from the drop down menu. This screen shows all travel details for all travelers in chronological order. You can also filter by category travel, lodging or activity.

Is it possible to view my lodging or activity location on a map ?

A: Yes. Any address that correctly populated in the address field is linked to the map. Simply tap on address.

Is it possible to add an itinerary that only I will be attending and make it private ?

A: Yes, when you add a travel, lodging or activity itinerary you have the option with the “make private” feature. You can also edit that specific itinerary and make private.

Can I share my itinerary with someone that is not traveling ?

A: Yes. You can invite the individual and make them “viewer” only. As a viewer they will not be able to create or edit any information.